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Key C                     “Prayer of the Changing Leaf”                   Music by Victoria Williams

.                                                                                           Inspired by Tennessee Williams, Night of the Iguana


Intro               C                                           C


.                      C                        F                           Am                     G

.               How calmly does the Olive branch, observe the sky, begin to blanch

.                    C                         C                              F                       G                   G

.               Without a cry, without a Prayer, with no betrayal of despair

.                       C                               F                           Am                       Am

.               Some time while light obscures the tree, the zenith of it’s Life will be

.                   Bb                      Bb                       C                     C

.               Gone……                    past……                   forever…….

.                              Bb                      Bb                       Bb                     G

.                And from thence,                                       a second  History will

.                   C                         C                       F                      G

.                 Commence,                               A chronicle no longer gold

.                      F                          G                        G                      Am

.                 A bargaining with mist and mold….                  And, finally

.                      Am                        F                          G                       G

.                the broken stem, the plummeting to earth, and then

.                   Am                        Am                           F                          F

.                An intercourse not well designed, for Beings of a Golden kind

.                       Am                            Am                          F                             G

.                Whose native green must arch above, the Earth’s obscene, corrupting Love

.                   G                            Am                          Am                         F

.                                                 And still the ripe fruit and the branch, observe the sky

.                   F                             C                          C                              F

.                  begin to blanch, without a cry, without a Prayer….with no betrayal

.                   G                          G                            C                         C

.                  of despair…..                          Oh…..!        Courage, could you not

.                    F                          G                           C                      C

.                   as well,                                           select a                    second

.                    F                           G                          C                       C

.                   place to dwell?                        Not only in that      Golden Tree

.                   F                           G                           C                        C

.                                                                      But in the frightened Heart of Me…..

.                   F                           G      End